With over 17 years of experience in B2B Lead Generation, our team knows how to get the job done. We immerse ourselves in your business to become an extension of your sales team. With the right strategy in place, our team will do what they do best and what you need the most – execution.

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The Momentum Difference

Real-Time Appointment Setting

With access into your sales teams’ calendar, our team will schedule quality meetings that meet your requirements. Thus, allowing your sales reps to spend more time doing what they do best – closing deals.


Tradeshow ROI Justification

You invested significantly; booth, travel, the list goes on. You end up with piles of leads but only the hot ones are followed up with (if that!). Not only will we fill the gap in your follow-up process, but also help with pre-event calling to generate interest and schedule meetings at your booth.


Inbound Lead Management

When marketing succeeds at driving new prospects to your website, you don’t want to drop the ball by not following up effectively and efficiently. Momentum will develop a strategic process to qualify every type of inbound lead from email, phone, website submissions and more.


Increasing Market Share

Are you trying to penetrate a new industry or territory and finding it difficult to build a new pipeline? Sounds like you could use some Momentum. Together, we will build a targeted prospect list, develop a strategy and execute.


Marketing Campaigns

The main reason companies struggle when deploying marketing campaigns is the lack of closing the loop with the human element. Emails are being clicked through, prospects are visiting your website, but no one is following up to qualify the opportunity. Together, we will develop a disciplined process to ensure no rock is left unturned.


New Product Deployment 

Have a new idea you are contemplating introducing to the market place, but unsure if there is a market for it? Let us build a strategic campaign focused on identifying whether the market is ready for your new offering. By doing so, you will save time, money and stress over prematurely going down that path.


Marketing Intelligence

Understanding the key factors that make for a good customer is critical. Having a strategic pipeline filled with those prospects is next-level. At Momentum, we not only put you in-front of sales-ready opportunities, we abstract information on each prospect, populate in CRM and report on our findings.


Live Chat Services

Now more than ever, prospects are spending more time researching websites to find the best fit for their business. Adopting a live chat capability provides the ability to answer real-time questions, qualify prospects and advance the sale. At Momentum, we can help from implementation to on-going management.



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