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Say What Needs to be Said

October 20, 2021
  |   Steve Lowery

I have found in both my professional and personal life that I sometimes struggle with being “upfront” and telling someone what really is going on. I will often try and sugarcoat the situation and try to divert attention from what needs to be...

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I Can’t Do That…YET – Having a Growth Mindset

October 6, 2021
  |   Makara Gerber

Have you ever thought back to your first day on a job and how new and uncomfortable things felt? Occasionally, I find myself picturing years back to my very first day in the business development world. Fresh out of college, I had never had a “real...

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Bug in The Ear – A Key to Successful Prospecting

September 22, 2021
  |   Steve Klotzle

As another brisk June evening was coming to a close, I had to quickly run into my barn before heading home. As I left the barn, I felt an odd sensation in my right ear. “Oh, my word," I thought. "Did a bug just fly into my ear?” As my brain...

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The BDR Arsenal

September 1, 2021
  |   Mike Andras

In the business development arena, there’s a dirty word all of us hate to hear and be compared to, telemarketers. It makes our blood boil. We all know the common traits of someone who is a “telemarketer” and why that’s not even close to who we are...

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The Balancing Act – Addressing Overwhelming Workloads

August 11, 2021
  |   Steve Lowery

In today’s professional setting, balancing work can be quite challenging. With all that is on our plate, including having to meet deadlines, complete large projects, meet quotas, the stress and anxiety can be significant. At times, I find myself...

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