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The Overstimulated Baby—A Telling Tale of Our Workday

February 24, 2021
  |   Steve Klotzle

On a cold February morning, I started my day by checking on what was happening in the world. I fired up my laptop, opened a web browser, and a headline caught my eye.

“What does it mean when a baby is overstimulated?”

Helpless to such a hooking...

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Three Pillars of Effective BDR Training

February 10, 2021
  |   Mike Andras

Whether you conduct BDR training internally or invest externally, your ultimate goal is to create real behavior change and increase results. Accomplishing this is no easy task, as one BDR can be motivated a completely different way than the next BDR.

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3 Ways to Turnaround a Slow 2021 Start

January 29, 2021
  |   Mike Andras

It is hard to believe that we are almost a month into 2021. The game clock has started, CRM Dashboard’s have begun populating new data, the race is on. Has your sales team hit the ground running, or does it feel like there’s a lack of energy and...

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Momentum Grows Again!

January 25, 2021
  |   Mike Andras

Despite this being a challenging and difficult year, we are thankful here at Momentum that many of our clients need our services more than ever.

Last month, another team member joined our growing group. We’d like to take a moment to welcome Rob...

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Sales Leaders, It’s Time to Look in the Mirror

December 9, 2020
  |   Mike Andras

Without a doubt 2020 threw its fair share of wrenches into our 2020 strategy. From moving to a remote work environment, selling virtually, setting up CRM processes for visibility and more. With so many tasks at hand, as sales leaders, we can become...

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