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Three Pillars of Effective BDR Training

February 10, 2021
  |   Mike Andras

Whether you conduct BDR training internally or invest externally, your ultimate goal is to create real behavior change and increase results. Accomplishing this is no easy task, as one BDR can be motivated a completely different way than the next BDR.

However, we have found there are (at least) three pillars that must be implemented regardless of which BDR you are training:

Give Praise

Constant praise through the training process is imperative. After all, the fact that a BDR is participating in the training to begin with is reason enough for praise. They are willing to learn and grow. By praising in even the smallest wins during training will go much farther than you think in helping them improve.

Be Intentional

Put the training manual down. Stop reading from your PowerPoint deck. Be intentional. Understanding how each specific BDR is motivated and how they react to your specific training strategy is crucial in fine-tuning your approach. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so don’t waste your time trying to look for one!

Never Stop

BDR training is not a “one and done” approach, it requires repetition and a lot of patience. Practice makes perfect. Practice several different mock call scenarios. Make calls live side-by-side with your BDR observing you and explore options of engaging training firms that specialize in BDR training (like us!).

No one is exempt from needing continuous training. Everyone in your sales leadership team from the VP of Sales and down should always have an appetite to learn and grow. Don’t have the bandwidth to provide training to a green or struggling BDR? As always Momentum is here to serve.

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