Momentum’s core principal is to achieve a collective win with every client we serve. A collective win is when all parties of a business relationship are benefited in the best possible way. Caring about our client’s vendors, customers, employees, and local community is the foundation of a collective win. You can be assured that when you work with our experienced consultants our goal will be to serve.

Established in 2002, Momentum’s passion is helping organizations achieve and sustain true business development success. We understand the front end of the sales process is very challenging and avoided by many sales professionals. At Momentum, we believe the solution should never be “off the shelf” or “out of the box”. Our consultants work with you to develop systematic and simplistic processes that are customized to your industry to accelerate new business from new customers. Our mission is to unlock the potential in your sales team and provide real Momentum in your business development outreach.

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